Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Cisco 642-999 Question Answer

Which two are true with respect to the switching modes on the Cisco Unified Computing System 62XX Fabric Interconnect? (Choose two.)

A. End-host mode presents a link to a northbound uplink switch as a host trunk with loop detection that is provided by STP.
B. For northbound traffic, server MAC addresses are statically pinned to an uplink; the return path is
controlled by the unified fabric switches.
C. A fabric interconnect port in Ethernet switching mode appears to the uplink switch as a host with
many MAC addresses.
D. Server-to-server traffic on a common VLAN are locally switched by the fabric interconnect and not the northbound switches. 
E. A MAC forwarding table is not used to forward traffic to the uplink switch.
F. A MAC address forwarding table is maintained for server-to-server communications across VLANs.

Answer: D, E

Monday, 14 November 2016

How to Pass Cisco 642-999 Exam

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Pass4sure 642-999 Question Answer

Which two are true with respect to the unified ports on the Cisco Unified Computing System 62XX
Fabric Interconnect? (Choose two.)

A. The port mode is automatically discovered after plugging in a LAN or Fibre Channel-attached cable.
B. By default, unified ports that are changed to Ethernet port mode are set to uplink Ethernet port type.
C. Ethernet ports must be grouped together in a block and must start with the first port and end with an odd numbered port.
D. Alternating Ethernet and Fibre Channel ports is supported on the expansion module.
E. After making port mode changes on an expansion module, the module will reboot.
F. In a standalone configuration, making port mode changes to the fixed module will not cause the fabric interconnect to reboot.

Answer: CE

Monday, 11 July 2016

Pass4sure 642-999 Question Answer

Which NIC redundancy modes allow the LOMs to be discovered by the operating system or hypervisor?

A. Dedicated mode
B. Active/Active
C. Active/Standby
D. Cisco Card Mode

Answer: A

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cisco: Global IP Traffic to Triple by 2020, Led by Video, Smartphones, more

More than 1 billion new Internet users and 10 million new devices and connections over global IP traffic triple in the next five years, according to Cisco's annual Visual Networking Index dealer.

The causes of the growing numbers measured in petabytes, exabytes, etc. Bytes: Internet of Things, games, smartphone.

And the picture, who is starring role.

"This is more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks every month in 2020," the report says Cisco.  Passleader 642-999 Practice Test

Video for 82% of all IP traffic in 2015 to account in five years, from 70 percent, and video game Internet will grow seven times, according to the VNI.

Learn more about the video, so you get the picture: in 2015, CCTV Internet has nearly doubled. Nearly four times the traffic of virtual reality and Internet video to the TV 50 percent. All these numbers are expected to continue to go nowhere but - including increased tenfold in video surveillance in 2020.

All this growth comes with consequences, including security concerns. Frequency Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack 2.5 times over the past three years due to the increased VNI, and they are projected to rise from 6.6 million to 17 million attacks, attacks in the next five years, including the numbers for the first time in conjunction with Arbor networks.

Some other notable tidbits from the report:

  • By 2020, 30 percent of total smartphone traffic, IP, manufacturing and PCs make up 29 per cent.
  •       Online games will be the fastest-growing Internet services to residential, growing from 1.1 billion users in 2015 to 1.4 billion in 2020.
  •       Broadband speed in the world of 24.7 Mbps in 2015 to 47.7 Mbps to 2020.
          Finally, turning to the total global IP traffic forecast for 2020 are listed at the beginning of this message: that number is expected to reach 1.1 zettabytes by the end of 2016 and 2.3 zettabytes in 2020.

Cisco VNI draws from thousands of sources including analysts, in addition to its own estimates and forecasts and data collection directly.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Telstra Snveils Cisco SD-WAN Solution

Telstra's new SD-WAN service, delivered in partnership with Cisco, routes application traffic along the best available network pathway.

Telstra has announced its new Cisco technology-powered software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solution, aimed at providing a more secure and cost-efficient service.

The telco's hybrid SD-WAN service is available worldwide, and enables a more efficient and flexible end-to-end solution by selecting the highest-performing transport path available for application traffic routing.

"The proliferation of media-rich applications and the increased number of connected devices is causing huge demand for bandwidth across wide-area networks," said Jim Clarke, head of International Marketing, Products and Pricing at Telstra.

"Hybrid services such as Telstra's SD-WAN offering allow traffic to be routed based on the application profile over multiple networks, including private MPLS and the public internet. This gives organisations greater flexibility to deal with increased traffic, and means their WANs can be more cost effective, without compromising on application performance or availability.

"Most importantly, it ensures that any traffic routed over the public internet remains highly secure incorporating VPN, firewall, and network segmentation features."

Cisco, which has a long-standing cloud, communications, and collaboration partnership with Telstra, said the new SD-WAN solution will enable enterprises to accelerate their digitisation with a software-driven, open architecture.

"Powered by Cisco's IWAN solution, Telstra's new SD-WAN suite gives enterprises the intelligence to innovate faster, reduce costs, and lower risk," said Jeff Reed, senior vice president of Cisco's Enterprise Infrastructure and Solutions Group.

"We are thrilled to enable this market-leading solution to customers in Asia."

According to Clarke, the new SD-WAN solution will leverage the three products unveiled by the two companies earlier this year, as well as Telstra's PEN Platform.

"This new service also complements our other dynamic network solutions -- including PEN Platform, Internet VPN, Data Centre Interconnect, and Cloud Gateway Protection -- and brings us a step closer to our vision of providing dynamic networks for complete customer control," Clarke said on Wednesday.

In March, Telstra and Cisco announced their three SDN and network function virtualisation (NFV) products to improve cloud security and global datacentre interconnection: Cloud Gateway Protection, Internet VPN, and Data Centre Interconnect.

Cloud Gateway Protection is a virtual security application designed to secure cloud services, internet access, and Next IP networks against cyber attacks and unauthorised access, while Internet VPN provides a secure and encrypted office network over public internet for businesses to use across several sites and by mobile workers.

Data Centre Interconnect, the third product, extended Telstra's SDN PEN1 global datacentre interconnection product through the addition of Australian points of presence. Through PEN1, business customers can directly set up and configure links between overseas and domestic datacentres on flexible contracts.

According to the two companies, these three products were designed to "transform" and "revolutionise" the use and function of cloud and managed services.

Connecting and housing the three new products is Telstra's "single, self-service portal with on-demand functionality".

Telstra in January also unveiled two additional functions for its SDN PEN Platform, allowing customers to procure virtual network functions and make digital partnerships on demand.

The first of the two new SDN services, called PEN Exchange, enabled customers to connect their network services with those of other PEN customers.

The second of the SDN service enhancements was PEN Marketplace, a basic online hub through which organisations can order NFV equipment in real-time, including routers and firewalls, with a choice of several vendors.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Pass4sure 642-999 Question Answer

What are the default settings of the Cisco IMCCIMC NIC properties on a standalone Cisco UCS CSeries server?

A. 'Shared LOM' NIC mode with 'Active-active' NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled
B. 'Shared LOM' NIC mode with 'Active-standby' NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled
C. 'Dedicated' NIC mode with 'Active-standby' NIC redundancy DHCP disabled
D. 'Dedicated' NIC mode with 'None' NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled
E. 'Cisco Card' NIC mode with 'Active-active' NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled

Answer: D                                            

Which ports can access the Cisco IMC if you select Shared LOM NIC mode in the Cisco IMC Configuration Utility for a Cisco UCS C-Series server?

A. the ports on an installed Cisco network adapter card
B. the two 1-Gb Ethernet ports
C. the two 10/100 management ports
D. the two 10/100 management ports, but each port has a default setting

 Answer: B